Interchangeable Glassware and Adapters


Adapter Reduction, Expansion, Multiple Swan neck, T connection, Cone Adapter Plain or Bend, Vaccum Adapter, Multilimb, Parkin, Recovery Bend, Still Head, Claisen Head, Splash Head, Vacuum Release etc.
Condenser, Columns and Sprayers

With or Without Interchangeable standard joints Leibig Condenser, Air Condenser, Bulb Condenser Jacketed Coil Condenser Thorpe condenser, Allihn Condenser Immersion Condenser, Double Surface Condenser with all length & standard joints.

Flask And Multi Neck Flask

Round Bottom Flask, Flat Bottom Flask, Single neck, Two neck, Three neck flask Kjeldhal flask, Conical flask, Filter flask Stoppered Conical flask, Iodine flask or Distillation Assemblies, Ammonia, Preparation, Vacuum, kjeldhal, steam, Reflux, Dean & stark, Orsat, Markham, Soxhlet Assemblies etc.

Solid Penny Head and Hexagonal Stopper in White and Amber Colour for Volumetric Flask and for other use.