General Laboratory Glassware


Graduated Beaker low form with spout and Double Graduation.
  • Griffin Beaker, Low Form with Double Capacity Scale.
  • Thick, Slightly Flared, Beaded top with a spout.
  • All Size has Durable Amber Graduation Scale, to Indicate Approximate Volumes.
Conical Flask

Erlenmeyer, Conical Flask, Narrow Mouth

  • Made from Borosilicate 3.3 Glass.
  • Available with Standard Joints including Stopper.
  • All Flasks have Amber Scale to indicate approximate Volumes at Various Levels.
  • Useful in Measuring and Mixing Solutions.

Standard Impinger for Air Sampling as per 'NEERI' Specification, in different Capacities.
PTFE Bladed Stirrer Rods

Stirrer Rod with Teflon Blade and spare Rod Also in different sizes.

Glass Dessicator Plain and Vaccum with Lid and Porcelain Plate in different Sizes.
Amber Glassware

Burette, Volumetric Flask, Measuring Cylinders, Separating Funnels, Volumetric Pipettes, Graduated Pipettes, Petri Dishes, Reagent Bottles, Round Bottom Flask , Conical Flask, Dropping Bottles, Aspirator Bottles, Tilt Measures and Beakers etc…