Funnels, Bottles and Petri Dishes

Specific Gravity Bottles

Specific Gravity Bottle with Capillary Bore, Interchangeable Teflon Stopper, Interchangeable Glass Stopper and With Thermometer Also.
Filter Funnels

Liquid Funnel with Long Stem, Powder Funnel with Short Stem with Interchangeable Joint or Without Joint and Thistle Funnel.

Reagent Narrow Mouth or Wide Mouth with Interchangeable Stopper White or Amber Colour. BOD Bottle, Mobile Phase Bottle, Weighing Bottle, Dropping Bottle White and Amber, Wash Bottles and Gas Wash Bottles in Different Sizes.
Funnels, Tilt Measures & Petri Dishes

Separating Funnels Pear And Globe Shape with Glass And Teflon Stopcock, Additional Separating Funnel, Pressure Equalizing Funnel, Pour Point Tube, Tilt Measure and Petri Dishes in Different Sizes.